Meet the team



Co-Founder & CEO

Expert in climate, value creation and experienced in the design of hotels

15 years of experience as management consultant, customer and product responsible at Valcon, E.ON, Niras and Novo Nordisk


Co-Founder, Climate specialist

Expert in climate data and climate footprint methods.

8 years of experience in climate measurements, life cycle assessments, education in sustainable technologies and data mining


Mirja Borau

Head of Marketing

Expert in communication, strategic marketing and eco-trends.

20+ years of experience with B2B and B2C communication and marketing, scale-ups and go-to market strategy.

Anna Lia

Anna Lia S. Tromer Dragsdahl


Expert in life cycle assessment and standards.

Environmental engineer with experience in teaching climate assessments at DTU and the UN.


We are passionate about creating a real difference for both hotels and the world around us in general. Although we love to travel, we also believe that tourism is not sustainable as it is today. It is our goal to accelerate the transition towards a more climate friendly travel sector. We see the demand for a responsible practice in the industry as more travelers become aware of climate friendly initiatives, and the market begins to be interested in conducting climate measurements to match the demand for responsible comfort. We want to ensure that sustainable tourism and choosing climate friendly hotels become a priority without compromising with comfort or experience – for both hotels and guests.
We call it Conscious Convenience.

The team behind Conscious Convenience consists of highly motivated and enthusiastic employees. Our hearts beat for the climate. Together with our customers, we are proud to make really positive improvements to their climate footprint, while also benefitting the entire Danish hospitality industry. All improvements are not only reducing emissions but also lead to good business. With our solutions we want to ensure that climate becomes the new parameter in a growing global travel industry. We provide evidence that climate friendly initiatives can be an economic driver for companies around the world.

In a partnership with us we use sustainability to strengthen your hotel business - from top and bottom line results to securing the long-term business foundation of the hotel by strengthening your brand and minimizing strategic risks.
Let us help you make the green choice, because together we can ensure a climate-conscious future without sacrificing the desire to travel and experience.

Advisory board at Climate Score

Ole Nielsen

Ole Nielsen – CEO at Insuject Aps, Partner i 3B Impact

Expert in sustainability, strategy, behavior and communication

20 years of experience as sustainability and communication director at Novo Nordisk and Coloplast

Stig Irving Olsen

Stig Irving Olsen - Professor of sustainability analysis (DTU)

Experience as a consultant from DTU and Novo Nordisk

30 years of experience in the field of environmental and climate assessment, sustainability and life cycle assessments