Achieve easy and cheap CO2 savings by choosing the right hotel

Hotel procurement is one of the easiest and cheapest climate focus areas of the company

Som virksomhed har du mulighed for at vælge klimavenlige hoteller og dermed opnå en stor CO2 besparelse uden at dine kollegaer skal gå på kompromis med komforten. 

Det er nemt og billigt at gennemføre en CO2 besparelse sammenlignet med andre omkostningstunge implementeringer

Get an indication of the large emission savings you can achieve by choosing climate friendly hotels rather than traditional ones. By choosing the climate friendly hotel your company can save a CO2 amount equivalent to a larger medical production site.

Check the potential CO2 savings of your company

Here you have an opportunity to get an indication of the large emission saving potential you can achieve by choosing climate friendly hotels rather than traditional ones.


The Climate Score enables you and your company to choose climate friendly.

Get experts’ support to find solutions as to:

  • How do I identify the climate potential of our hotel and conference activities?
  • How do I ensure that we choose climate friendly in our daily operations?
  • How do I incorporate climate documentation as selection criteria into our RFP material?
  • How do I get the CO2 savings accounted for in the company ESG?

Call and get a non-binding offer if you need help with analysis, solutions and specific recommendations.

CO2 data on hotels and meeting places

CO2 data services help you choose hotels and conference venues based on solid and scientific CO2 data. You receive data that ensures that you can document and harvest CO2 savings for the company without your colleagues having to compromise on comfort and experience.   
With a focused use of these services, you can achieve a greater annual CO2 reduction.

CO2 data helps you to:

Calculate the company's baseline and savings potential for hotels and conferences

Use CO2 facts as a part of your own RFP material

Manage and optimize CO2 consumption on an ongoing basis based on facts

Enable employees to choose climate friendly hotels and venues

Document the CO2 savings for the company's environmental bottom line

Strengthen the company's reputation and support your climate strategy

CO2 data service Denmark

- Measure through scientific data your CO2 baseline and savings

Du får CO2-data på hoteller og venue til at basere din indsats med at reducere CO2-aftrykket på fakta. Med disse data ved din organisation altid, hvor de skal bo, for at nå dine CO2 besparelsesmål.

CO2data allows your organization to make the right decision about where to base your overnight stays, and allows you to measure baseline and your ongoing performance in an easy and accurate way.

Twice a year you receive:

  • CO2 data for each hotel and venue in Denmark that is relevant to your scope
  • Data sheets based on the latest updated CO2 measurements. Including updates when registering local improvements
  • Data based on master data that is compatible with your company master data

Price: 1.000 €

per month excl. VAT

Global CO2 data service

- Measure your global CO2 baseline and savings

Du får CO2 data fra hoteller og venues globalt, så du kan finde ud af, hvor du bedst finder din næste globale begivenhed.

Through this data, you ensure affiliates in your company also make the right CO2 decisions and realize the CO2 savings based on facts.

This global data allows you to drive global initiatives and conduct global baseline and performance measurements without country-specific discussions on validity and methods.

Twice a year you receive:

  • CO2 footprint of all global hotels and locations relevant to your scope
  • Datasheets based on the latest updated CO2 footprints. Including update when measuring local improvements
  • Data based on master data that is compatible with your company master data

Price: 2.700 €

per month excl. VAT - klimapotentiale - klimascore


By making demands and making the right considerations, your company can meet your climate ambitions when you and your colleagues stay luxuriously. - klimapotentiale- klimascore


Bring your climate ambitions with you on the journey. Your journey is your opportunity to change habits and explore the local possibilities. 

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Strengthen the Danish climate goal. Share your experiences, both with other companies as well as your colleagues.

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