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Climate score your event


Show that you have created a climate-friendly event based on CO2 data

Based on data for your planned event, your unique climate score is calculated. You will then receive the CO2 footprint and the CO2 savings for the event.

You will receive both storytelling for the event with your event's climate score badge and short positive stories about what makes the event environmentally friendly. It's storytelling that you can use before, during, and after the event to engage participants.

Additionally, you will receive recommendations for improving your future events.

Before the event, you will receive:

  • Climate Score, event badge, and storytelling
  • CO2 Breakdown
  • CO2 savings compared to if no eco-friendly measures were taken
    Concrete recommendations for future events
  • Potential future CO2 savings

Price for events with fewer than 300 participants:
10.000 DKK

eksk. moms

Price for events with more than 300 participants:
30.000 DKK

eksk. moms


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