Welcome to climate score for event planners

Climate Score your event


- Show that you have created a climate-friendly event based on CO2 data

Based on data for your planned event, your unique climate score is calculated. You receive the carbon footprint and CO2 savings of the planned event.

You receive storytelling for the event with your event Climate score badge and short positive stories about what makes the event climate-friendly. It is storytelling that you can use before, during and after the event to engage with the participants.

In addition, you will receive  recommendations to improve your next events.

You receive before the event:

  • Climate Score, event badge and storytelling  
  • Carbon footprint
  • CO2 savings, compared to if no climate-friendly action was taken
  • Concrete recommendations to future event
  • Potential future CO2 savings
The price is valid for events under 300 participants.

Price: 1350 EUR

excl. VAT