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Sammen med Dansk Erhverv afholder vi Climate Award der sætter fokus på branchens store klimaindsats og kårer de mest i klimavenlige hoteller og konferencecentre baseret på fakta.
With input from DTU and Concito, we have developed climate score, which makes it possible to highlight the hotels that are taking climate actions
Alle hoteller og konferencecentre inviteres til at deltage i Climate Award 2022, der bliver uddelt 4. oktober 2022. tilmelding er åben fra d. 31. maj til 23. august.
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The top 10 most climate-friendly hotels and coference centers in Denmark

Top 3 in the regional categories:

  • Copenhagen
  • Aarhus
  • Nothern Sealand
  • Zealand and islands
  • Funen and islands
  • Northern Jutland
  • Central Jutland
  • Trekantsområdet
  • Southern Jutland


Presentation of prizes

The presentation of trophy and diploma witth jury evaluation is held at Børsen

National and local PR

The hotel receives presskits. The Danish Chamber of Commerce's press department contacts nationwide and local media.

All award participants

Climate Score badge

All participants receive a badge to be used on the hotel site, physically and in digital media

Calculated CO2 impact

Participants will have their CO2 footprint calculated by leading climate experts.

Sign up for the Climate Award

Tilmelding foregår mellem 31. maj til 23. august 2022

Climate Award

Participate in Climate Award 2022 and compete to be named the most climate-friendly hotel and venue in Denmark and in your region.  

Participation only requires completion of simple Award data template.

You get:

  • Participation in the Climate Award 2022 and additional prizes and press package
  • Calculated CO2 impact for your Hotel and venue pr guest
  • Achieved Climate Score 2022
  • Badges with the Climate Award and "More climate-friendly than at home" for your own marketing

Price: 700 €

per hotel excl. VAT

Climate Award + recommendations

Participate in Cimate Award in both 2022 and 2023 and recieve documentation on existing initiatives, as well as recommendations for emission reduction improvements and concrete cost savings. 

Participation only requires completion of simple Award data template.

You get:

  • Participation in the Climate Award 2022 and 2023 and additional prizes and press package
  • Calculated CO2 impact for your Hotel and venue pr guest 
  • Achieved Climate Score 2022 and 2023
  • Badges with the Climate Award and "More climate-friendly than at home" for your own marketing
  • recommendations for CO2 and cost savings? 
  • Mini report, which shows climate impact from completed improvements, today and if recommendations are completed
  • Security agreement that more than DKK 20,000 is identified in cost savings the first year.

Price: 100 €  

(including 50€ in Award discount)
per month per hotel excl. VAT

Once you are registred

 Once you have expressed a desire to participate in Climate award and paid the registration fee, you will receive the datatemplate necessary to participate in Climate Award 2022. After this, all you need is to fill in the datatemplate with information about the hotel and attach documentation in the form of, electricity bills, number of guests, water consumption etc. for the last six months of 2021. 

To make it easy to fill in the template, we are organising the event 'Meet the experts', where you can ask questions about the datatemplate and meet the experts from and the judging panel.

Fill out your information

Registration opens on May 25th 2022

fill out the data template with all your information

Go to our step by step videoguide for guidance

Return the template

Our climate expert can start calculating your climate score, when your data sheet is completed and returned. Send your data sheet to

 See your category


You have now done everything required to participate in the Climate Award.

Read our terms and conditions here

The winners are chosen on the basis of CO2 facts

Climate Award 2022 is awarded to the hotel and conference center with the lowest CO2 emissions per overnight guest. 

To ensure a correct and uniform assessment of the hotels' emissions, the Climate Score is used. The Climate Score has been developed in collaboration with leading climate experts, e.g. from DTU and Concito. 

Climate Score is based on documented emissions for the 8 focus areas that have the greatest impact on hotel operations' CO2 emissions. Based on the Climate Score, the jury assesses the individual hotels. The winners in each region and throughout Denmark are selected based on the lowest CO2 emissions. 

Read more about Climate Score at FAQ |  

Panel of Judges

The panel of judges consists of a broad range of leading experts, professionals from different hotels, companies and organizations. The panel have agreed on frameworks conditions for the Award. One of the conditions is that there must me minimum of 3 hotels participating in the award categories, in order to announce a winner. Please share and encourage other to participate

Stig irving Klimascore climate Award dommerpanel

Stig Irving Olsen

Lector in life cycle assesments


Henrik Gudmundsson Klimascore climate Award dommerpanel

Henrik Gudmundsson



René Jacobsen Klimascoreclimate Award dommerpanel

René Jacobsen

CEO & Klimadataekspert

Anne Mette Berg Klimascore climate Award dommerpanel

Anne Mette Berg 

General Manager 


Mads Friis Klimascoreclimate Award dommerpanel

Mads Friis 


Benniksgård Hotel & Small Danish Hotels

Ole Sorang climate Award Klimascore dommerpanel

Ole Sorang

Director of Marketing 

Nord- & Vesteuropa
Radisson Hotel Group

Mai Britt jensen Klimascore climate Award dommerpanel

Mai-Britt Jensen

Director of HR  

Comwell Hotels 

Emilie Pii Mohr Klimascore climate Award dommerpanel

Emili Pii Mohr

Senior category manager 

Novo Nordisk

Johnny thorsen Klimascore climate Award dommerpanel

Johnny Thorsen

VP & digital sustainability expert


Per Christiansen Klimascore climate Award dommerpanel

Per Christiansen 

VP EMEA  Marketing 

Momondo & Kayak

Get started with the datat emplate

Our step by step videoguide will demonstrate how you correctly fill in your information in the data template, so you can participate in Climate Award 2022. Have a look at our Q&A section for further explanation. 

feel free to contact us if you need help. We have a support team with climate experts ready for you at all times.

Step by step guide


The winner of Climate Award 2022 is the hotel with the lowest documented CO2 emission per guest, based on your information from the data sheet. 

It would typically be the hotelmanager, the technician and the accountant

the hotel manager can provide general information about the hotel and transport. The technician can provide the data concerning energy, water consumption and operations. Specifics concerning food and beverages, waste, services and number of guests can typically be found with the accountant.

Data can be provided at all hotels. Fill out as much as you can. If you are in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Send your completed data template to . Climate expert will calculate your climate score and you will compete with other participants from your regions. You will receive further informations approximately two weeks prior to the announcement. We will send you your Climate Score after the Climate Award.


René Jacobsen  + 45 60 51 51 30

Jens Sørensen  + 45 26 39 39 48

Meet the experts

Vi præsenterer Klimascore og Climate Award 2022 og svarer detaljeret på spørgsmål vedrørende dataskabelonen og tilmelding. 

Join us at NEXT HOUSE and participate and DBTAs TECH & TRAVEL SHOW.

Meet René Jacobsen who is CEO of and hear about how to establish sustainability and climate as an important part of the foundation of the hotel business

Bernstorffsgade 27, 1577 København

Thursday 9th of June 2022 at 11,00-16:00

René Jacobsen Klimascoreclimate Award dommerpanel

René Jacobsen

CEO for Climate Score

31. Maj
25th of May - 23rd of August
23rd of August
20th of September
4th of October

A collection of data connected to staying at a hotel will be used for Climate Award 2022

The facts are based on these 8 focus areas valid in the period 1 July 2021 - 31 December 2021

Energy & Water

Energy and water consumption is calculated by information concerning the energy amounts - like m3 gas, MWh for district heating, kWh for electricity and certificates for electricity and heat or documented of hotel owned sources.

Hotels will have an advantage if they have incorporated heatpumps, isolation or self-igniting lightsources.

kategori transport klimascore


Transport is measured by the hotels locations according to the nearest train station and city. The evaluation takes measures in industry data according to how guest behave during their stay

Hotels that have prioritized EV charging station will experience a significant gain

Food & beverages

The carbon foot print from food and beverages are measured by generel spendings and in 3 main categories. These categories are chosen to cover the food categories with the highest CO2 emission.

Hotels that have incorporated meat alternatives or prioritized poultry is able to reduce their CO2 emission

kategori affald klimascore


Waste is calculated ny the amounts of waste in the years prior.

Hotels that have included actions to minimize food waste and print will have a significant advantage

kategori hotelindkøb klimascore

Hotel purchases

The climate footprint is measured by the amount of LED light sources. Green certificates prior to 2020 will ale be included in the conclusion. Documentation is required

Hotels with a documented reorganization of light sources and green certificates will have an advantage

kategori services klimascore


The footprint is measured by the amount of external laundry.

Nudging customers to re-use towels will provide an advantage for the hotels

The winners of last years Climate Award

Last year's Climate Award resulted in winners of all types of hotels. Their common feature was that everyone had dedicated time and rescources to improve on all facets of sustainability.

The award resulted in great publicity nationally and locally for each of the hotels and on social media the award achieved a wide range.

The journey towards a more sustainable world

momondo Climate Award aims to create awareness and develop climate-friendly hotels in Denmark 

Are you looking for recommendations and guidance to become a more sustainable business? is offering tools for you to start your climate-friendly journey by streamlining your climate actions. Our products are tailored to your needs

Best performer

- Know your potential and realize it

Get your Climate Score calculated in detail down to subcategories. E.g. the food category is specified into subgroups such as meat and vegetables.

Identify your potential on climate and cost improvements as well as practical recommendations that you
and your employees can apply in everyday life. 

Once a year you receive: 

  • Accurate CO2 calculation where you avoid uncertainty surcharges
  • Assessment of the climate impact of the hotel's existing improvements
  • Practical insight into your sustainability work
  • Improvement analysis on all categories
  • Detailed climate report and practical recommondations
  • Presentation to the management and a diploma

Climate Score

- Improve your climate score

Clarify the hotels climate score based on a extended collection of data, receive recommendations for emission and costs savings

All you have to do is fill out the data sheet and documentation

Once a year you receive:

  • Improved hotel Climate Score based on own data
  • Overall recommendations for savings on emissions and DKK
  • Mini report

Order form

The following climate tool is hereby ordered:

Order form

The following climate tool is hereby ordered: