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Climate Score help travelers, as well as corporate purchasers to choose climate-friendly hotels and venues based on CO2 facts.

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Climate Score is the hotel and meeting industry's new standard parameter with support from a broad range of companies, hotel search engines, industry organizations and goverments

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Climate Score is used by hotels and venues as a tool to prioritize climate action and transform their actions into increased sales and cost savings

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Climate award 2022

Denmark's most climate friendly hotels

I Climate Award hylder vi klimavenlige hoteller og kårer Danmarks mest klimavenlig hotel og konferencecenter i alle regioner.  Klimascore er fundamentet for Climate Award og  
leading climate and industry people
Innovative partners are
DBTA samarbejdspartnere

We are proud suppliers of Copenhagen sustainability guide for events

Do you want to know more about the guide and want to know how to best use the guide as an eventplanner and supplier, then contact our CEO

René Jacobsen
tlf: +45 60 51 51 30

Climate Score your event

We help you to show and communicate how you have created a climate-friendly event based on real CO2 data.


If you are a hotel, you can get your climate score updated today

Climate score is a dynamic parameter that you can always improve by providing new and more detailed data.

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Denmark's most climate friendly hotels

In momondo Climate Award, we have named Denmark's most climate - friendly hotel and conference center in all regions. Climate score is the foundation of the momondo Climate Award and the jury consists of  
leading climate and industry people
Innovative partners are
DBTA samarbejdspartnere

Climate score is based on CO2 facts and is recognized by leading climate experts

The Climate Score is based on facts the the hotels and conference venues CO2 emissions pr Guest. It is developed by with input from leading climate experts from DTU and Concito. The method is based on internationally recognized methods and the newest available CO2 data. 

The Climate Score is based on the documented climate impact from the destinations own data, which is based on 8 areas. The 8 subcategories have been chosen to visibly showcase the exact climate footprint, which is connected to stay at the hotel and venue

The scores ranges from 1-10, which makes it easy for you to choose a climate- friendly hotel. and venue. All you need to do is choose the place with the highest Climate Score.

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Henrik Gudmundsson Klimascore climate Award dommerpanel

"Climate Score is one og most thorough calculation methods. We need climate-declaration as consumers. I encourage alle hotels to take a further look at"

Henrik Gudmundsson Senior Climate consultant, Concito

Stig irving Klimascore climate Award dommerpanel

"I have contributed with quality assurance for the methodological basis of climate score"

Stig Irving Olsen Associate Professor of Life Cycle Assessments, DTU

Companies can reduce CO2 emission equivalent to factory quantity


Companies have achieved large amounts CO2- and costs savings due to Covid-19. The current ambition is to define a new normal that is driven by politics and goals to maintain the reductions of CO2 emissions. Goals that can be realised by incorporating Climate Score as a criteria in future RFP’s and in continuously company purchases

Anne Mette Berg Klimascore climate Award dommerpanel
"Most corporate puchasers are working on politics and goals for a climate friendly travels"

Anne Mette Berg, ​ General Manager​ - DBTA

Johnny thorsen Klimascore climate Award dommerpanel
"Climate and CO2 saving is the area that companies world wide focus on in their requirements for hotels and travel going forward. Climate score can help companies and hotels in the right direction"

Johnny Thorsen VP & Digital sustainabilily expert, AmEx

We want to travel more climate friendly, but we dont know how. Climate Score will guide you towards the right direction

Source: momondo survey 2020

The world is set on pause. Everyone misses traveling and according to monondo's survey, 71% of danish population are motivated to travel greener, but they dont know how. Climate Score can be used as a tool to choose a climate-friendly hotel.

Per Christiansen Klimascore climate Award dommerpanel
"It's clear to see that more and more travelers need help to travel climate friendly"

Per Christiansen, VP & EMEA Marketing, Kayak & Momondo

Green growth is Denmarks way out the crisis

Covid-19 has had tremendous impact on all businesses, especially the hotel industry.

The government is increasing their focus on growth and climate. An initiated strategi proposal of how danish leisure cam become more climate friendly has begun

Climate Score can be used to create growth and CO2 reductions

Simon Kollerup erhvervsminister
"I support Climate Score. Initiatives, like yours, can contribute to a green transition. Sharing your experiences and business development is something i highly appreciate"

Simon Kollerup, Minister of trade

A green recovery is a must

It has been difficult to run a hotel during the global pandemic. The re-opening has begun and we are facing a recovery of danish tourism. One of the cornerstones of the recovery is sustainability and climate

Climate Score is a tool for hotels to prioritize climate action, to gain maximum effect on both sales and cost savings. An important combination in the recovery on top of the pandemic. 

Mai Britt jensen Klimascore climate Award dommerpanel

"Sustainability is an essentiel part of our fundament"

Mai-Britt Jensen,
HR director, Comwell

Ole Sorang climate Award Klimascore dommerpanel

"We are facing a hard pull to 'the new normal'. Sustainability is the base of that growth trace"

Ole Sorang, Marketingdirektør West & Nothern Europe, Radisson Hotel group

Climate score is for everyone - small hotels or big hotel chains

Hotels can impact their Climate Score by taking climate actions, no matter the size of the hotel 

Climate actions can be anything from changing the menu, replaces ingredients, establishing EV charging stations, implementing LED light sources and heatpumps. The options are many and one is not limited by the size of the hotel.

Mads Friis Klimascoreclimate Award dommerpanel

"We are replacing our ingredients to most delicious pork-meat, which provides an improved Climate Score and bottom line"

Mads Friis, Owner Benniksgaard hotel

Why is Climate Score justified in the industri?

Klimscore basis er tilgængelig for alle. Og hvis du som hotel eller venue ønsker udvidet dokumentation og rådgivning kan du få det til en overkommelig pris.

Climate Score have the most complete method- and data base in the industri, developed by experts with input from Concito and quality assurance by DTU. You wont find a matching quality level, national or global

Klimascore er datagrundlag for Climate Award, branchens nye klimapris. Dommerpanelet bag er en uvildig gruppe af erfarne branchefolk og klimaeksperter.

Climate Score is different from most certifications like Svanemærket and Green Key by being 100% based on CO2 facts

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Use search engine to book your next climate-friendly hotel. get tips on how to travel climate friendly without compromise

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Use climate score

Use Climate Score as a tool to improve your hotels and venues climate action and transform their actions into increased sales and cost savings

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Achieve CO2 savings

With our dataservices you can save CO2 emissions equivalent to a Pharma productions site. Calculate your CO2 savings potentiel

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Climate score in Politiken

We have gathered all news concerning You can read both press releases, articles and debate posts.

Climate score is for everyone

No matter the size of your hotel or venue

Benniksgaard hotel in Sønderjylland received a great media coverage due to their excellent Climate Score. They are now working on improving their climate actions further to strengthen their business

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Klimascore presse politiken

Our latest article in Politikken

A new sustainability award will help local hotels display to their guest how they work with Climate initiative. Read more about Climate Score here